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Introducing “The Tattoo Rose Wall” book by Take To The Grave, a captivating project that has been years in the making. This unique book showcases the artistic prowess of hundreds of talented tattooers from around the world, all coming together to create a mesmerizing wall of roses in Take To The Grave’s warehouse.

“The Tattoo Rose Wall” offers you the opportunity to build your own rose wall using the same stunning designs featured in the book. Each rose is conveniently perforated along the edges, allowing you to effortlessly peel out your favorites and arrange them on your wall. This extraordinary collaboration between Take To The Grave and River Valley Printing Company guarantees an exceptional experience for every tattoo enthusiast.

Limited to only 300 copies, the first shipments of “The Tattoo Rose Book” began in early December 2022. This exclusive publication boasts an impressive roster of renowned artists, including Dominic Spano, Brian Carr, Ryan Gagne, Brett Masse, and many more. From established names to emerging talents, this collection represents a diverse range of styles and approaches, ensuring a rich tapestry of artistic expression.

Immerse yourself in the world of tattoo artistry by exploring the Instagram accounts of these exceptional artists. Each one brings a distinct perspective and technique to the table, promising an awe-inspiring visual journey. Don’t miss the chance to witness their creativity firsthand and be inspired by their incredible talent.

Get your hands on “The Tattoo Rose Book” today, available for purchase exclusively from Take To The Grave.

Get yours here: – Rose Wall Book


About Take To The Grave: 

In 2019, the collaborative effort of Shawn Cole and Alex Duquette gave birth to Take To The Grave, a brand steeped in shared experiences and a passion for self-expression. Despite growing up in different provinces, the duo found common ground through skateboarding, music, and their introduction to the world of tattoos. This intersection of interests ignited their desire to create something truly unique and authentic.

Driven by their dissatisfaction with the prevailing offerings of traditional artwork, Shawn and Alex embarked on a mission to redefine the landscape. They yearned for designs that resonated with their personal tastes, eschewing the clichés and disconnection they often encountered. With unwavering belief in their ability to deliver a superior alternative, they set out to establish Take To The Grave as a beacon of quality and self-identity.

Today, Take To The Grave stands as a testament to the power of artistic integrity and personal expression. Rooted in the shared experiences of its founders, the brand continues to push boundaries, offering a distinctive range of products that capture the essence of their vision. Through their relentless pursuit of excellence, Shawn and Alex have created a platform that empowers individuals to embrace their true selves and celebrate their unique journeys.

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