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Sophie and Josh are living their dream life, the vanlife. Have you ever come across the Instagram account @LesVanDwellers ? If not, let me tell you about this incredible couple, who are living the real ”vanlife”.

Josh & Sophie @LesVanDwellers

Josh & Sophie @LesVanDwellers

They made the bold decision to sell everything they owned, except tattoo machines and banjo and hit the road, embarking on a journey through the Americas in their trusty van. And let me tell you, their story is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

What sets @LesVanDwellers  apart is not just their nomadic lifestyle, but also their incredible talent for capturing the beauty of their travels through tattoos, music and photography. Their Instagram feed is a visual feast showcasing spots where they went and busker (for Josh) guess spotting (for Sophie).

Josh and the Dirty Rags

Josh and the Dirty Rags

Meet Josh @josh.and.the.dirty.rags a hardworking and talented musician with a deep love for tattoos. He recently made the bold decision to break free from his desk job and embark on an extraordinary journey. With his lady Sophie and his trusty banjo in hand, Josh sets out to explore, seeking inspiration in every corner he visits. His years of touring and love for music his rugged New Orlean inspired tunes s reverberate  and becoming the soulful soundtrack to their vanlife.

Josh‘s dedication to his craft is unwavering, and he embraces the freedom of a nomadic lifestyle, cherishing the ability to share his heartfelt tunes with anyone who lends an ear. Through his music, Josh paints a vivid picture of a life well-lived, where passion, adventure, and the beauty of self-expression intertwine harmoniously.

Sophie, also known as @lady.rose.tattoos, is undeniably the mastermind behind this grand adventure. Even before Josh had a clue, Sophie had already meticulously planned their journey together lol, ok ok I’m reaching here, beside love, she had the desire to hit the road for a long while and Sophie‘s enthusiasm is unmatched. Talented tattooer, saying that Tattoos hold a special place in her heart is just the tip of the iceberg, and she effortlessly integrates them into their nomadic lifestyle, guest spotting as they travel the east-coast in 2022-2023.

Sophie‘s gypsy soul finds solace and contentment in every place they visit. Along their route, she seizes the opportunity to guest spot in various tattoo shops, expanding her already impressive portfolio. With a decisive love for traditional tattoos, Sophie‘s skills are on point and she can wip a stunning flash in the blink of an eye.

Sophie @lady.rose.tattoos

Sophie @lady.rose.tattoos

In conclusion, @LesVanDwellers  embody the spirit of adventure, creativity, and freedom that many of us yearn for. They have drastically embraced a minimalist lifestyle, choosing experiences over possessions and connections over routine. Their journey is a reminder that life is meant to be lived, explored, and shared with others. So, if you’re feeling the itch to break free from the ordinary, follow in their footsteps and embark on your own vanlife adventure. Who knows what wonders await you on the open road?

Follow Sophie @lady.rose.tattoos and Josh @josh.and.the.dirty.rags on Instagram to witness their incredible journey and be inspired to create your own vanlife story. Use the hashtags #lesvandwellers #TravelVanLife, #TravelTheAmericas, and #Busker to join the community of dreamers and adventurers. The road is calling, will you answer?



LesVanDwellers IG: @lesvandwellers
Sophie’s IG: @lady.rose.tattoos
Josh’s IG: @josh.and.the.dirty.rags


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