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Billy DeCola is an American tattoo artist based in Vancouver, BC where he’s called home for the last 10+ years. He owns and operates Studio Kiku which provides various tattoo services including tattooing, laser tattoo removal and scalp micro pigmentation (SMP).

One of Billy DeCola’s notable collaborations is with SOLID INK. In 2021 he partnered with the Miami based pigment manufacturer to create the Billy DeCola x SOLID INK SMP Pigment Set. This pigment set, now available at Eikon Device, has gained recognition among SMP artists worldwide for its ease of use and honest price point. SOLID INK is widely used by tattooers around the world making it a highly trusted and reliable brand.

The Billy DeCola x SOLID INK collaboration was a natural fit from the beginning. Long time friend and fellow tattooer Federico Ferroni, who owns SOLID INK, knew there was space for an SMP set in his prestigious pigment line. Months of testing & development in the factory yielded a product that is second to none. As expected, when the SMP set was released it immediately flew off the shelves.

Apart from his collaborations and tattoo work, Billy also provides education in the field of scalp micro pigmentation. He offers courses on SMP which focus on techniques such as density for men and women, hair transplant scar concealment and SMP for Alopecia. Billy’s in depth training courses provide valuable knowledge and skills for experienced tattooers, PMU artists and SMP artists looking to enhance their expertise in scalp micro pigmentation.

Billy’s SMP group training courses in Vancouver are currently fully booked for the year but pop up courses in various cities are often announced via his social media accounts. For experienced tattooers, PMU artists and SMP artists looking to learn SMP from a seasoned professional,

Billy offers an Online SMP Course. This online course, available at, provides a comprehensive learning experience facilitated by an experienced tattooer without all of the fluff.

Billy DeCola’s expertise, artistic talent, and dedication to the art of tattooing and scalp micro pigmentation have made him a respected figure in the industry. If you’re seeking his tattoo services, interested in his SMP pigment set or looking to enhance your skills through his SMP training programs, he’s not hard to find and he’d love to hear from you.

IG: @billydecola

Studio Kiku
329 E Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5T 1W5

p. 604-430-4990